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My Quotes

Image by Samuel Ramos

"Life is one big wave. Ride it, and say, weeeeeeeeah!"

"I'm just trying to get the full effect."

"Life is a pendulum. We sway back and forth between right and wrong hoping to swing as long as possible"

"The written word can't be so if it's trapped in your head. Get it all out while you can. Your brain is only a temporary storage space."

"Exploration of your own mind is the greatest journey you will ever take."

"Don't worry, because you are going to forget anyway."

"Don't rent your soul, or eventually you might find it's for sale."

"Inspire. Whether you inspire millions or one, the one could inspire millions."

"Remembering you are going to die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose."

"When someone tells me what the hell we are all doing here, then I'll worry about something else."

"Don't waste time, for it is not guaranteed."

"Nothing is for sure, yet all things are possible."

"It's better to go to the plate with a bat and take a swing than to stand in the on-deck circle your entire life."

"See the center of life- of the universe- and keep your mind in orbit."

"Don't judge others. They didn't ask to be them, just like you didn't ask to be you. We are who we are, but could have just as easily been them."

"We don't actually forget. We just can't remember."

"A memory may seem lost forever, but it is still in us, making us who we are, even if we never think about it again." 

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