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                        The Written Story


To get lost in the pages, is to be found within.

For a fleeting moment, time and space seem to bend.

You are no longer self, you are immersed.

Deeper and deeper with every sentence, each passing verse.

When it's over you'll wonder where you've been

Then you'll seek out more stories, yearning to do it again.

To taste the twists and the turns, no matter how terse.

Words placed here and there, Free to intersperse.


To take one’s creation and recreate it in your mind.

That's the beauty of this art, unto which we bind.

The fact is, fiction or not, in our hearts it's all true.

There's something for everyone, me, and you.

It's life in its purest form, it's there to find.

It's all related, all intertwined.

A part of everything unto which we do.

So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the view.

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