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Jake Matthews has one wicked curveball, but life throws more at him than he can handle. He's left for dead when a drug deal goes south like his curve, with its sharp twelve-to-six break, leading to strike three. But, he's the one fallen now, the one who is out. 


The long road to that fateful night has everything to do with his family. The hardship they are dealt and the choices they make.


Tragedy strikes and Jake's dad is gone like a runaway train, much like the one causing their suffering. 


The game of life takes a turn. Financial and other struggles mount. Jake and his mom move in with his grandparents and see that their family's long-standing diner may soon have to close its doors forever.


There's still hope though. His grandpa becomes the father figure he needs. Jake learns from him the pitch that should save the family and the restaurant. The pitch that should propel him to greatness, but playing a different game of reality is easier though, isn't it?  

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